Launch Camp Activities

EXAMPLE Launch Camp Activities! 

Curious about the types of activities your camper will take part in? Below is a list of activities done in the past. Activities for 2017 will be posted in April!

Sky Ranch is known for fun, creative, and interactive activities and this year’s Launch Camp maintains that high standard of excellent activities. As in previous years, each day of Launch Camp has a different theme. Activities are based on the theme of the day and counselors are dressed to match the theme. Campers can also participate with the purchase of a Launch Pack which contains one of the same items the counselors will be wearing each day.

At the end of each day, staff will provide parents with a handout containing specifics for the next day and follow-up questions to share with your camper based on the Bible study that day.


Parachute Pandamonium
Launch items high into the air using colorful parachutes.

Gaga Ball
Come one! Come all! It’s the game that’s sweeping the nation! Jump into the ring and block your legs as the ball rolls your way.

Animal Alphabet Relay
Lions? Tigers? Bears? Oh my! Start perfecting those lion roars before you race across the savannah.

My Precious
You can’t do this alone. Stealth and teamwork are the keys to success in this animal rescue mission.

What Time is it, Mr. Fox?
Be sure to listen to Mr. Fox as you move along, but be ready to run when the clock strikes lunch time. If tagged join Mr. Fox for the chase.

Just keep swimming to be the last one left in this exciting adventure.

Sneaky Snake
Listen carefully. Choose an animal, then walk quietly across the pasture to make it to the other side before you’re discovered.



Training Coliseum
Be prepared to put your reflexes to the test in our state of the art hero training center.

Laser Focus
Perfect your precision and accuracy while working as a team in our human foosball arena.

Power Surge
Harness your super speed and agility as you compete against your comrades in our Skrazy 8 inflatable obstacle course.

Sky Fly 101
Make sure you bring your cape for this high flying adventure! Master the art of flying and graceful landings at our inflatable zipline alley.

Pin Pounder
In this game of dodgeball you must not only protect yourself but defend your city as well.

Marble Mayhem
Your power stones have been stolen! You must retrieve them, but watch out for the hunters! If they tag you, you must hand over your stone and try again.

Batman & Robin
You will be partnered with an experienced hero in this game to utilize your super hearing! Listen to the hero as he/she leads you through a challenging maze! If you fail, you must start over.

Total Takedown
What hero doesn’t love “bringing down the house”? Utilize your accuracy and precision to bring down the villain’s’ fortress!

Terrific Transport
With your super human strength and a single bed sheet, you will transport multicolored balls through a challenge course. The true strength is in the teamwork.

Mega Mind
A hero is only as strong as his/her own intellect. Use your mega mind to build up this puzzle to see the bigger picture.

Match Me If You Can
A classic memory card game blown up to life size proportions.

Invisible Maze
The only way to get through this maze is to make mistakes. Watch carefully and learn from your previous steps to successfully get your team through the Invisible Maze!



Shot put
Sponge Showdown
Soak your sponge and take aim at the special target. That special target being… your counselor’s face! But watch out, your counselor doesn’t like sitting still for too long.

Wacky Water Wipeout
You will feel like the fastest kid alive going down our giant inflatable three lane water slide.

Rubber Ducky Raid
Rubber duckies have taken over our pool! Your team needs to clear the area of rubber duckies before it’s too late!

Nautical Nonsense
Real life Battleship! Try to sink the opponents boats by filling their boats with ammunition! Can your team control the seven seas?

Rings of Glory
Throw the beanbags into the rings of glory! Don’t get tagged though, or else you will have to start over! The first team to make all of their bags in the rings win! Is your team worthy of the glory?

Human Bowling
See the ball. Be the ball. Strike! Let’s see how many pins you can knockdown when you become the bowling ball.

Zorb Ball
Be prepared to dodge balls in this epic arena style game that never ends!!!

Bowlympics Relay
Race against other cabins in this fun relay, full of wacky tacky tasks! Who will take home the Golden Grahams?


Extreme Exploration
Come and join in the crazy fun as we explore the mysteries that can be found in our foam pit!

Islands of Adventure
Find the perfect Vacation destination by locating corresponding puzzle pieces hidden in a maze. It’s sure to be a blast, especially since water guns will be involved!

Slip ‘N Slide Bash
The iconic vacation experience! Slide down the chute into a pool of water. It’s sure to be a splash!

Disney Dancing Mania
Dance Party? We think YES! Come join the fun and excitement of the Foam Pit!

Top Sponge Soaker
Who doesn’t love a little target practice? Earn points by throwing soaked sponges into different containers. The further away the container, the more points it’s worth! How close will you get?

The Amazing Race
Rush to your favorite vacation destination! But beware: others are headed there too! If your flags are stolen, it will slow you down.

Belly Bumper Ball
classic game of Soccer with a Skrazy addition! It’ll be a bouncing good time!

Vacation Venture
Follow the clues to the perfect destination! Take a silly picture and have your passport stamped!

Nine Square
Set and Spike! But make sure to stay in your square. Who will be the next king of the court?


Galaxy Gaga Ball
Our classic game of Gaga, with a stellar twist!

Meteor Shower
Who says the stars must be out to see a meteor shower? Get prepared for a shooting star extravaganza!

Ready, Set, Rocket!
Get ready to launch in this space age game! Do you have what it takes to be a rocketeer? NASA may be calling!


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