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by Amanda Murray on January 1, 2014

Resistance- ability to withstand damaging effect: the ability to remain unaltered by the damaging effect of something; I like the thought of being unaltered!

My oldest daughter, Chaynee who is 13 is a great soccer player.  She just made the Olympic Development team for Colorado.  The soccer clubs from Colorado are asked to send their best players to three tryouts.  From there they select a pool of 50, then a pool of 30, then a pool of 20 and then pick 16 to travel to the Regional Tournament in Phoenix in January.  It is a great opportunity and we are excited to go to the warmth and watch her play.

Chaynee’s journey to make the team came with adversity.  She was selected by her club the year before to go to the tryouts.  Chaynee had two really good tryouts and then became sick. Just getting over it, her last tryout wasn’t very good and she didn’t make the team.  This year during the pool of 50 she was tackled from the back and suffered a high ankle sprain.  I would like to say that I am patient, full of mercy and trusting in these situations.  But, I have a tendency to allow adversity to alter my patience, mercy and trust.  Chaynee and I are both in the process of developing resistance.
My desire is to be unaltered and help my children develop the ability to be unaltered by the damaging affects of hard events they encounter.  The adversity of unexpected situations give us the choice of developing resistance.   The easy route rarely develops the values I desire in my family and myself.  In the fire, patience, mercy and trust rise to the top.  I figure out that I am not in control and I choose to put my trust in the One who does.
Chaynee’s development was different than mine.  She wasn’t dealing with patience, mercy and trust.  She was dealing with pain, let down, and desire.  She was hurt, tired, and frustrated.  Frustrated she was this close to making ODP and then gets hurt.  Frustrated that I was frustrated.  Wondering if it was worth pushing through the burn out, hurt, and frustration to make the team.  Chaynee’s adversity was different than mine but the answer was, is, and always will be the same.  As she looked to God and He showed her how to inch through adversity, resistance was being developed It was not a quick answer nor an overnight solution.  It was a process.  We are 8 weeks out from her injury and she just had her first pain-free hard workout.  Adversity develops resistance.  Through the hurt, missed expectations, burnout, and questions OUR FATHER answered.  Looking back the process was well worth it for Chaynee and I to develop resistance.  We found our answer together – His name is God and we call Him Father.

Charlie lives in Colorado is a father of five, coaches basketball and soccer and works on the family ranch.

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