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Bedtime Stories

by Amanda Murray on March 26, 2014

My kids have always loved bedtime stories and occasionally they will let me get by with only reading them one.  However, usually they want me to either make one up or tell them a story about when I was a little boy.  While these last two are a lot harder to come up with, I love the fact that they would prefer an original even if it isn’t as exciting, funny or entertaining as one of the many books on their shelves.

For the made up stories,  the boys would ask for knights, cowboys, or Pooh bear,  and for the girls its horses, princesses, and mean old witches and their nasty old cats.  I usually begin not having any idea where the story will go but God always seems to keep the story flowing to a meaningful and fun conclusion. You know, the Father is a story teller and He wants us to be story tellers too.  Our kids find hope and possibilities in stories and while I don’t know why they like our stories best I think it’s because they get to be the princesses who save the Kingdom or the cowboys who thwart the bad guys.

In a sense, we are inviting our kids into our story… which brings me to the stories about when I was a kid.  They ask for these stories more than any other kind.  While I find these stories to not be all that funny or interesting, my kids can’t get enough of them.  As I think back, I loved to hear stories from my dad about when he was a kid too.  I think now maybe it had to be because it was a connection to the past, and in a bigger way, a connection to my family and to the world. I found a sense of belonging in my dad’s stories about gathering coke bottles to earn enough to buy some penny candy, playing sick from school to ride calves with a friend, and milking cows at 5 in the morning.

The Father invites us into His story by letting us hear stories of what he has already done.  We find we belong to something bigger, something older, and to something more profound than the everyday, ordinary world we wake up to.  So, tell your kids stories and tell them about when you were a kid. The stories will seem quite unremarkable to you but then, you lived them, to your kids they might just provide the foundation that will keep them planted the next time their world gets shaken.

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Rope Myers is a dad to four, Director of Champions Rodeo at Sky Ranch, and the 2001 World Champion Steer Wrestler.

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