Base Camp

Base Camp at Sky Ranch Horn Creek is a program specifically created to equip men and women ages 18-22 with the tools, training and spiritual disciplines necessary for life's challenging ascent. Horn Creek is a non-denominational Christian camp designed to glorify God by providing a place where ministries and families can experience renewal and the beauty of His creation. Likewise, we are looking for individuals who want to serve others within this environment, have a desire to grow spiritually and are seeking direction for their lives.

Base Camp Pricing

Base Camp is a very affordable option due to the on-site vocational work each student is responsible for during their time in the program.

The cost of Base Camp covers the associated fees of the program, including online courses, assigned books, trips and events, and lodging and food. As part of the program, students receive a $225 monthly stipend to offset any additional food & living costs that exceed provided meals and lodging. Towards the end of the program, campers will get the opportunity to apply for a summer position at Horn Creek, which is a great opportunity to put into place skills and knowledge developed during Base Camp.

A typical week in Base Camp consists of:

  • Two days per week dedicated to classroom and study time
  • Two days off
  • Three days vocational training and work
Base Camp 2017-18 Program Cost: $7,000

Base Camp FAQ

Sky Ranch Horn Creek does not provide Health Insurance to those within the Base Camp program. It is the responsibility of Base Campers to provide their own insurance. Please speak to our HR Department for more details.

Each Base Camper receives a monthly Living Stipend at the beginning of each month to help students supplement any additional living costs that exceed what’s provided as part of the program. The Living Stipend is also utilized within the program to help students learn how to create and manage a budget.

The number of Base Campers is limited to 12 students each year.

A washer and dryer are available in individual housing units. There are also 3 community laundry facilities on property that are available at assigned times.

While transportation is provided for all Base Camp sanctioned trips and transportation for volunteer work, transportation is not provided for activities outside of the assigned program schedule. Everything on camp is within walking distance, but Base Campers may want a vehicle for personal use and traveling off-site.

Base Campers and those within our Fellows program share lodging at 2 locations located directly on Horn Creek property. Each housing unit has multiple bedrooms & storage space, a living room, a basic kitchen, and bath/shower. Base Campers share a room with at least 1 other base camper. Upon arrival, Base Campers will receive their assigned room & roommate information.

Each Base Camper will serve in a variety of areas at camp throughout the program, and will need a variety of clothing for each area’s dress requirements. These requirements will be addressed in the Informational Guide that we send to all accepted applicants.


Guest Services/Registrations: email or call 800.962.2267

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