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Colorado Retreats

by Ed Pack on February 13, 2013

Sky Ranch at Ute Trail (pronounced “yoot”) is a Christian non-denominational camp located in The San Juan Range of the Rocky Mountains in Southwestern Colorado. The camp is 43 miles south of Gunnison, Colorado on State Highway 149.

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Family Camp

by Ed Pack on February 11, 2013

Located in the beautiful Colorado Rockies, Sky Ranch Ute Trail offers Family Camp to create intentional and purposeful interactions between parents and children.   Week-long sessions run June through mid-August.

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by Ed Pack on February 9, 2013

Sigma is an invitation only Leadership Development Program located at our Colorado camp, Sky Ranch Ute Trail. Most of our Sigmas come from a recommendation by community leaders, Sky Ranch staff, or through our Morph and Quest leadership camps. If you have any …

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