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When Refinement is Hard by Annie Harrington

by Mackenzie Shaver on January 23, 2017

  I’ve officially been a fellow for four months and 27 days (probably more by the time you read this). During the fellowship I’ve been challenged beyond measure. I came into this place as a 22 year old who didn’t …

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What has the Lord taught me? – Mitch Mayfield

What has the Lord taught me? I imagine most people ask one of these two questions when it concerns the fellowship. “What is the fellowship like?” or “What do you do in the fellowship?”.  Well, I can tell you that …

Zip on – Autumn Eilers

Zip On  “Take me down! Take me down! Take me down!” the fifth grader screamed at the top of the ziplines. He, and many others before him, were paralyzed with fear at the idea of jumping off the platform and zipping …


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