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When Refinement is Hard by Annie Harrington

by Reid Corbin on January 23, 2017

  I’ve officially been a fellow for four months and 27 days (probably more by the time you read this). During the fellowship I’ve been challenged beyond measure. I came into this place as a 22 year old who didn’t …

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Leading With Leaders, Serving With Servants – Zachary Bekken

“It’s difficult”, “it’s rough”, “it’s tiring”, all of these remarks were somewhat common when asking former fellows what their year was like. Often times, we can look past these statements when we are reassured by the follow-up messages of “but …

How to camp at Sky Ranch with Swag

So you’re coming to camp this summer? Good call. You’re getting ready to have the most fun week of your life! And now you have the opportunity to do it in style. Make sure you don’t miss out on the …


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